One Color Filter on Instagram and How to Get It

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One Color Filter on Instagram and How to Get It

Infolagi – Hey there, Instagrammers! This time we will be discussing about One Color Filter name on Instagram and How to Get It.

Are you tired of your usual filters and looking for a fresh, vibrant splash of color on your feed?

The “One Color Filter” from the creative mind of @nahir.esper has got you covered!

With this playful filter, you can turn your regular snaps into artistic, monochromatic masterpieces.

Curious about how you can give your Insta-posts that ‘one color’ vibe? Well, keep reading, because we’re about to dive into a world full of color and creativity!

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What is the ‘One Color’ Filter on Instagram?

Imagine transforming your everyday life into a world of just one color! The “One Color Filter” from @nahir.esper lets you do just that.

This filter washes your photo or video with a single shade, turning an ordinary post into a captivating piece of monochrome art.

Whether it’s a bold red, a cool blue, or a mellow yellow, you can experiment with the spectrum to find the perfect hue that expresses your mood.

How to Get the ‘One Color’ Filter on Instagram

Getting your hands on this filter is as easy as pie! Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. Launch Instagram: Start by opening your Instagram app.
  2. Search for @nahir.esper: Use the search bar to find @nahir.esper’s Instagram profile.
  3. Access Filters: Once on @nahir.esper’s profile, tap the filter icon (it looks like a smiley face) located next to the IGTV icon.
  4. Find the Filter: Scroll through the array of filters until you find “✦ one color ✦”.
  5. Try or Save the Filter: You can immediately try the filter by tapping the “Try It” button on the bottom left, or save it for later by tapping the “Save Effect” button (it looks like a downward-facing arrow into a tray) on the bottom right.

And voila! You’re now ready to drench your world in color, one shade at a time.


The “One Color Filter” by @nahir.esper is a great way to add a vibrant twist to your Instagram posts, turning everyday snaps into monochromatic works of art.

So, get creative, explore the spectrum of colors, and start making your Instagram feed a truly colorful place!

Don’t forget to share your ‘one color’ masterpieces with your followers and inspire them to join in on the fun. Happy coloring, Instagrammers!

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