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The Return Novel Natalie Davidson and Bryce PDF Full Episode

Infolagi – Hello, novel enthusiasts! this time we will discuss about The Return Novel Natalie Davidson and Bryce PDF Full Episode.

Are you ready to dive into another world, meet new characters, and go on adventures without leaving your comfy chair?

If the answer is a resounding YES, then buckle up, because we’re about to take a journey into one of the most beloved novels of our time – “The Return” by Josh Williams.

If you’re a hopeless romantic, this one’s for you!💕

So, What’s the Buzz about “The Return”?

“The Return” has been making waves in the world of novels, with fans from all corners of the globe raving about.

It’s a heart-thumping ride filled with romance and drama that will keep you on your toes (or the edge of your seat!).

Don’t believe us? Well, you’ll have to read it to find out!

Let’s Get to Know “The Return” a Little Better, Shall We?

Here’s a quick rundown about the book that’s capturing hearts world:

  • 📖 Title: The Return
  • 🖊️ Author: Josh Williams
  • 🏢 Publisher: Pocket Novel
  • 💘 Genre: Romance
  • 🗣️ Language: English

What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

The plot? Oh, it’s a doozy! Our heroine, Natalie Davidson, experiences a series of unfortunate events just days before her wedding.

She wakes up in a stranger’s room, her father forces her to leave the country, and fast forward five years – she’s back, with a son!

The big question is: Who’s the father? And what will her return mean for everyone who wronged her? You’ll have to read to find.

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Read The Return Novel Full Episode

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But for the FULL and COMPLETE “The Return” novel, we got you covered! Pocket Novel is your go-to platform.

Just download the app, search for “The Return,” and voila! You’re ready to embark on Natalie​.

Nevertheless, for a delightful reading experience of “The Return Novel: Natalie and Bryce” in its entirety, including all episodes, you can access it conveniently via the online platform or application known as Pocket Novel. Accessing and enjoying the novel is a straightforward process; simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • Download and install the Pocket Novel apk on your smartphone.
  • Once installed, open the application and navigate to the search field.
  • Type the title “The Return” in the search field to locate the novel.
  • Once you find it, ensure that you have access to start reading the complete novel.
  • Congratulations, you are now ready to embark on an immersive reading journey!

There you have it, folks! That’s the lowdown on “The Return” Novel Natalie Davidson and Bryce PDF Full Episode.

If this piqued your interest, don’t hesitate! Download it now and join the countless readers who’ve fallen in love with Natalie’s story. Happy reading.

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  1. elna prins

    Could only read to episode 315 ! why can’t I read the whole novel?

    1. Anthonette

      I have gotten to episode 670, where Liam was diagnosed with Leukemia but for some reason, the story ended there. Did Bryce ever get to know that is his is Liam’s father, what happened to Michelle and Robert, Bryce’s parents, what happened to Vivienne>? I mean the story is just dragging on and on and I have already spent about $300.00 but no closing. They have just lost me as a client and this type of behavior of ripping people off just makes them lose people like me. I am done and they are not getting my money anymore

      1. AMM

        I agree with all the comments the storyline is just ridiculously long, and it seems as though these two can never catch a break. I was already hooked as well, and I am now up to episode 678. What is making me crazy is that they’ve now taken to dropping one episode a night after 8 PM into the story for purchase. And it keeps saying available after August 2023. Therefore you have to pay for it I am just so over this novel, but for some reason I can’t put it down or walk away. I am so frustrated and as soon as it ends, I am deleting Pocket FM. I am really angry at the way they drag this out. It seems like it’s a scam the way that they are doing this I have never in my life. I am probably up to having spent almost $300 on this BS. I am so frustrated. I am now at the section where the clamp is claiming to be Liam‘s father because he’s in love with Natalie. It’s just ridiculous. Honestly, as smart as braces I would think he would’ve just taken a DNA test because he remembers that night five years ago in the fact that the woman was a virgin. or Liam with all of his talking with tell his mother mommy I remember when you showed me a picture of daddy. Or something for crying out loud. I am so over this but I am too fucked. It’s absolutely disgusting how they have marketed and set this up. And I cannot even find the book anywhere for purchase.

        1. Julianne

          Omg I know what you mean I spent about $90 and that just got me to episode 315. There’s no more chapters after that. Although I did find it on YOU TUBE in audio version but that just goes up to 766. Now it’s like when is there going to be more or when is this book going to end. I’m hooked I want to see or hear the ending. Ug

      2. clee

        you can listen to the entire book on youtube

        1. Julianne

          It’s not done on you tube yet.

      3. Kay

        You can watch on youtube for free. There are at least 800 episodes.

    2. herm

      i think they are writing it as they go along. there are 790 something chapters on youtube so far. i got fed up with this pocket version. as it was not complete when youtube was on chpt 500 something and they only had up to 315. i suspect the actual name of the book and author are not what has actually been stated.

  2. Sharon Cooley

    The Return Pocket Novel has too many twist, turn as well as going back and forth. In the beginning we learned that Howard was Bryce’s cousin. In the late 600’s, we find out that Howard is Bryce’s brother. It doesn’t seem as if the Villians ever get caught and Natalie nor Bryce can catch a break at happiness. I’ve read up to 668 and it seems as if the writer wants to make Clamp Liam’s father. This is ridiculous. If this is the case, I’m over this pocket novel. If their is a movie or a Novel I can read, it would be appreciated bc I’m looking for a happy ending along with my fellow readers. We also learned that Bryce was supposed to be the most powerful man in the around and held the cities economy in his hand. It seems that he is not due to him not being able to find out what happened to Natalie 5 years ago and Liam being born early. It seems that Clamp has all the power and finds out everything as well as every man that comes in contact with Natalie seems to falll in love with her. There’s only one love for her, and that’s Bryce since Nick ruined it.

    1. Ana

      Get it for free on you tube. I spent a lot also and it just keeps dragging out. They are up to 673 no with no ending in sight.

    2. Kay

      You’re right, I thought I heard that Howard was the cousin!!

  3. Sharla

    I believe they fall in love because she’s naive, gullible, dumb, headstrong and stubborn she really doesn’t deserve a guy like Bryce she doesn’t know how to appreciate him she still has the mindset of a 19 year old not a wife she doesn’t know how to be one because if she did she would do what Bryce says and stay away from Clamp and Howard. Geesh Howard drugged her to rape her and Clamp bought her to add to his prostitution ring and yet she keep giving these fools a chance smdh. I searched and searched to see if I could find a posting giving away the end because I had too much anxiety and this writer was all over the place with twist and turns that made no sense and how many times does someone get tricked and kidnapped Lol! Anyways, thank god I know what the end of the story is for Bryce and Natalie…whew!

    1. Amara

      Please what’s the ending? Cause I’m tired too

  4. Sharon

    OMG! Seriously? I got so interested in this book, even though the story seem to be dragging out as it went along but, I was hooked by then. I was so anxious to get to the answers of so many situations that was going on! (The story lines were all over the place)But guess what? That never did happen. I am hoping that for some reason the last chapters are missing or something!!!!! I completed 670 episodes and it was like stoping about three fourths from the ending of the book!!!!! There was no ending or closing in any of my un answered questions!!! Liam has cancer, needs a bone marrow transplant!!! Vivienne???? No closer on that situation. Michelle, no closer on that one. His parents, did they ever accept Natalee? Did they ever find out that Liam was Bryces son? I could go on!! I have never been so confused over a book in my life and i have read thousands of them. I canceled my subscription for audiobooks because if this is the way it works……WoW! I want nothing to do with it. Unless if someone can tell me is this a TRILOGY…maybe it continues in another book?????? PLEASE I WANT AND ENDING!

    1. Julie

      In Episode 698 Bryce finds out that Liam is his son, in Episode 701 they went into surgery. Nothing on Vivian yet, the story is more focused on the little family. Of course Michelle is over the moon about Liam being her grandson but Liam is afraid of her after the bullying him and his mom endured

    2. Kay

      Go to youtube to hear the episodes upto 800.

  5. Sharon

    Continue my other comment….i forgot to add…………Natalee never had her baby in the book. Dont know if it was a boy or girl. When does she have the baby??? Seemed like she was pregnant for ever. What ever happen to the Howard ending? Also Howard was a cousin and then he turned the book was saying he was a brother. I went back to re-read to see what i missed…..early in the book he was a cousin….then at the end he was a brother! There was never a story line ANYWHERE…that changed that!!! Clamp??? Something else….did Bryce ever find out he was the one that drugged him? Is that why they were such enemies? Very disappointed by the way this story was written. Was there no one that check this book, before it went to print? Okay I’m done now! So sad, i will never read another one of this writers books? I will put the word out that about it as well. If there is a continuation of this story i apologize if not Shame On You!

    1. Tarsha

      Exactly! I was shocked when they called Howard is brother! I immediately said do they mean cousin that drugged and tried to raped Natalie.
      OMg there was a whole scene where Howard was arguing with his dad about getting control from Bryce.

  6. Leshem

    There are more than 670 episodes/chapters the pocket novel app only have about 315 available to read therefore you cannot get the full novel on this app. But pocket fm has it for audio but it takes forever for more chaapters/episodes to be released. This book was released in December 2022 there are still people trying to finish this book because of the delay in availability of new chaptets/episodes

    1. Zuleika Esterline

      It seems to me that they are milking this cow. I too, pay way too much for this never ending book . 😤

  7. Tania

    Thanks for your information guys. I was into this audiobook. Spent some money… and it is not finessed yet? I will give up.

  8. Ana

    Listen to it on you tube for free! They are up to chapter 673 now. The story is all over the place with no end in sight!

    1. Zuleika Esterline

      It seems to me that they are milking this cow. I too, pay way too much for this never ending book . 😤

  9. Sandra

    I use to wonder why everyone was upset about this book. Now I know. It have way too much twists and turns. I have never seen so many people doing so much wrongs and they cannot get caught. Natalie and Bryce are legally married 2 times over to each other. Stop these men from lusting after her. They are not interested in her. They only want to use her to get to Bryce. Stop this nonsense already. By the way what is the Author’s name. Do not stay Josh Williams because he is not. I cannot find the book nowhere to buy. Pocket FM is charging $99. to hear the rest of the episodes from 76 to the end. I will never buy a book for $99.

    Shame on you.

    1. Laura

      Gonna end while I am still in early chapters before I get crazy over this.

  10. Griselda

    As of tonight I know there that there are 678 audiobook episodes released and I’ve only listened up to 673 EP. All I can say is that everyone hates Clamp, and that even though Bryce is so powerful, seems to be always in the dark, not knowing what’s going on in Natalie’s life. But yet, all of their enemies are always ahead of them.
    Now, there are a couple of people posting that Natalie dies at the end of the story and I keep asking them how do they know that, but they just say not to feel sad. All I know is that Natalie has had so many attempts agains her life, that I shouldn’t even doubt if she dies at the end. But I wish the author, Josh Williams, will write a really happy ending after all they have been through in the story.

  11. Dianna

    Too many story lines going on at same time… Too expensive… back to amazon to buy hardbacks… these platform has ruined it for me

  12. Zuleika Esterline

    I have spent too much money in this book. I’ve tolerated all the inconsistencies and unrealistic scenarios. I need to know if there is an end to this nonsense. After this book I will make sure to delete the app and not recommend it, as it is expensive and unfulfilling. Poorly written. Natalie must have some mental issue that make her addicted to abuse and kidnapping. The point or reading a romantic novel is to escape from reality (work, family, etc.). This book is anxiety and anger provoking. Does not relaxes me nor give me a happy end.

    1. Robyn

      Thank you!!!!

  13. Ruby

    I’m so frustrated with this book. Is there an end

  14. Marina

    I have got up to 700 episodes not sure if there is anymore & not sure how much Iv spent the last episode Brice finds out he’s the father but then nothing Iv waited over 24 hours to see if there is a happy ending with Bruce’s parents or vivien or Natalie’s parents or clamp but nothing if this is the ending then this book is worse than I thought half way through as like many of you have said Natalie has been pregnant for far to long surly there is more episodes ?

  15. Kathy

    I am with everyone above I wanted one storyline and got many. Cost is way to much Ray when you don’t get and ending to the story. First time commenting on this.

  16. Sue

    This story is just silly it’s going on and on. It’s just not realistic

  17. Robyn

    I doubt the author or those close to him or her have gone through these comments. How stupid, lazy, annoying they make Natalie’s character to be. One minute she’s smart, the next minute she’s so dumb and unacceptably naive. Boring repetitive twist. I do not know why certain authors on these apps do this annoying thing of writing endless novels. What was suppose to be a good novel and highly recommended has turned out to be a thumbs down for me as I will not recommend this to any of my novel lover friends

    1. Kay

      I agree!

    2. Sandypandy


  18. Bettye

    On Episode 753, without a dime. YouTube. Still no end. Thus far…gender reveal and baby shower, possible baby name., subject to change. Clamp is out. Liam is back at school. Ladies are all still after Natalie.

    1. Michelle

      Thank you! Did you get it from YouTube?

  19. Judy

    This pocket app has only 315 chapters. It is getting crazy and crazy and Bryce is so dumb. I cannot find the book anywhere else to buy. Not worthy. Thanks for your comments.

  20. Sandypandy

    This is the worst kind of clickbait ever. Thankfully I didn’t (and wouldn’t) waste a dime on it. It is a rambling story, badly written, with stupid weak characters.
    It’s obviously set in China or another Asian culture. Why pretend otherwise? It would make us Western readers more tolerant of the obvious poor language use, and cultural practices that make no sense in a western context. Took me a while to settle on the Asian connection, and only then did some things make sense (the hypermasculinity, subordination of women, the reference to family and honour, the need to repay favours/debts)

    Also, this seems to be group writing. Some sections are MUCH better written than others with noticeable variations in writing styles and vocab. They lose the connectivity though and make too many mistakes and too much repetitive texts. All in all, it could have been a better novel, or a better screenplay for soap opera…but it fell short.

  21. Pam

    I knew Liam was getting sick that morning brace them out to the woods and asked Nelly to marry him. I’m glad I ran across this because I spit that about as a $60 no more than 70 on this and I see now is going round and round around in circles for Natalie to be so small she’s been here. The hell beat out of her and she still going. Bryce is powerful, but always still in the dark. Jane should be the head of the empire. I can take my time nine listen but I know some of the outcome now thanks guys.

  22. Kristi

    I’m not even to episode 100 and it’s really annoying. I’m already skipping through the episodes getting annoyed with the story lines. I just searched when they would announce Bryce is the father but when I found out those at 600+ still don’t know…it just seems pointless to continue. I had planned to skip all the random petty drama episodes to find out how they announce Bryce being his dad and the family moving forward but that apparently doesn’t happen soon enough for my liking. I will no longer be listening to the audio book. Pointless to continue when the author does not understand how to end something while it’s good. But why end something when people keep giving their money away. He writes the characters to be “smart” but he actually ruins their character by making them stupid. If a “rich and powerful” person could pull strings then he could resolve his thought of the child possibly being his. Especially since he has the means to discover he had been setup that night. Apparently the characters are not as smart as he initially wanted them to be. Sucks that the author ruined what could have been a great sell. But the author will sleep well at night as many hand over their money. Ppl are giving this author $300+ ….that is ridiculous for a book that is full of random babble to stretch out what ppl really want to know. Too bad Nicholas Sparks didn’t think of this story line/plot…would have been a damn good book and movie with satisfied readers. Not pissed and annoyed readers that just started out with this book and has decided that hardback is the way to go….leaving all the other authors with better work….with less readers.

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