If I were Yours Novel PDF Read Online by Izzy Guzman, The Billionaire Romance Everyone’s Talking About

You are currently viewing If I were Yours Novel PDF Read Online by Izzy Guzman, The Billionaire Romance Everyone’s Talking About
If I were Yours Novel PDF Read Online by Izzy Guzman, The Billionaire Romance Everyone's Talking About

If I were Yours Novel – The literary universe is a place of wonder, where tales of love, despair, adventure, and mystery intertwine to captivate readers.

Novels have the power to transport us to worlds unknown, enriching our souls with every page turn.

Today, I’m here to introduce you to a novel that’s taking the bookshelves by storm “If I were Yours” by Izzy Guzman. So, buckle up, dear readers, as we embark on this literary adventure!

About the Novel

The realm of billionaire romances has found a new shining star in “If I were Yours,” a masterpiece penned by the talented Izzy Guzman.

Published under the banner of GoodNovel, this English language book beckons readers with its rich storyline, complex characters, and an emotional depth that’s hard to find.

Given its increasing popularity, this novel is a testament to Guzman’s impeccable storytelling skills.

Synopsis of If I were Yours

In a serene town, where the lives of two identical twins mirror each other in almost every aspect, a sudden car accident tears their world apart.

Jean Michaels, a bright eyed young woman with dreams of expanding her horizons through studying overseas, suddenly finds herself at a life altering crossroads.

As the weight of the situation presses down, her mother, driven by desperation and unforeseen circumstances, convinces Jean to assume the identity of her twin.

Stepping into her sister’s shoes, Jean is thrust into the luxurious yet complex world of Tyler Larson, a billionaire known for his influence and power.

This new role was meant to be a brief interlude, a momentary deception until her sister recovers. However, fate throws a curveball, with her twin lingering in a comatose state longer than anticipated.

Unbeknownst to Jean, Tyler wasn’t easily duped. He had pieced together their secret early on, sensing the subtle differences between the twins.

But it’s his next revelation that truly rocks Jean’s world. He divulges a deeply guarded secret the twin Jean is impersonating could never bear children.

With this knowledge, Tyler sets a condition Jean could only contemplate reclaiming her identity and freedom after she provides him with the heir he so desires.

This unexpected turn of events spins a web of emotions, challenges, and decisions for Jean, reshaping her destiny in ways she could never have imagined.

How to Read If I were Yours PDF Full Episode in GoodNovel

For those eager to dive deep into this engrossing tale, the digital landscape offers the perfect solution.

While platforms like Wattpad, NovelMe, and HiNovel have their own charm, “If I were Yours” can be best enjoyed on GoodNovel. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the GoodNovel app on your preferred device and download it.
  2. In the search bar, key in “If I were Yours by Izzy Guzman.”
  3. Choose between the free PDF download or the online reading mode.
  4. Let yourself be drawn into the tumultuous world of Jean and Tyler.


The digital age offers countless doors to the world of literature, and novels like “If I were Yours” remind us of the magic that written words hold.

For those yearning for a tale that offers a blend of romance, intrigue, and life altering decisions, this is your perfect pick.

I hope this review acts as your guiding star in the vast galaxy of novels. Happy reading, and may you find joy in every chapter!

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