Fish Show You: Synopsis and Release Date Chinese Drama 2023

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Fish Show You: Synopsis and Release Date Chinese Drama 2023

Infolagi – Are you ready to dive into a fresh new drama that’s set to make waves in 2023? Put on your snorkeling gear because we’re going under the sea to take a closer look at the upcoming Chinese drama, “Fish Show You”.

With a sprinkle of romance, a dash of fantasy, and a merman in the mix, it’s time to make a splash!

About The Drama

“Fish Show You”, or as it is known in its native title, “鱼生知有你”, also titled “Yu Sheng Zhi You Ni”, “The Fish Only Knows You”, and “Fish Knows You”, is a web series that promises to reel you in from the get-go.

Guided by the directorial prowess of Chiou Hau Jou, this enchanting tale floats effortlessly between the genres of romance and fantasy. Oh, and did we mention there’s a merman involved?

Featuring 18 episodes, each clocking in at a captivating 40 minutes, the series will air on the original network, Youku.

So, mark your calendars, because it’s time to cast out into the vast ocean of Chinese drama.

Synopsis Fish Show You

Intrigued about what lies beneath the surface? “Fish Show You” spins an enthralling tale of An Xin Er, a young woman born with a silver spoon, yet plagued by ichthyosis, a skin disorder that has haunted her life.

Trapped in a turbulent relationship with a less than charming boyfriend, her world takes a nosedive when she’s thrust into the perilous depths of the sea.

Enter Yu Sheng, an out-of-this-world savior from the distant planet Kepler and, get this, a legendary merman.

Yes, you read that right, a merman! As the king of the underwater world, Yu Sheng embodies the purest of virtues, kind-hearted and endearing in his naivety.

Fish Show You Release Date

Ready to plunge into this whirlpool of romance and adventure? The long-awaited “Fish Show You” is set to start streaming on June 15, 2023.

It’s time to sync your calendars to the tide!

Where to Watch Fish Show You

Wondering where you can catch this sea-tacular drama? The network that brought this aquatic tale to life, Youku, is where you can swim alongside An Xin Er and Yu Sheng on their journey.


There you have it, drama lovers! A sneak peek into the fascinating world of “Fish Show You”.

It’s time to dive headfirst into a tale as deep as the ocean itself. Remember the date, June 15, 2023, and be ready to make a splash. Happy viewing!

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